March 15, 1919 – “A vague, blanket shrouded figure coming from a room of dead men”
March 15, 1919 – “Well fellows, you ain’t got anything on me, although you do believe in God. Where are Slim, Red, and Bob!”

As World War One had just ended, the Star Weekly would ask returning soldiers to write in with stories from the war. There would be cash prizes each week ($10 for first prize, $5 for second, and $1 for up to five other stories). ($1 in 1919 would be about $14 in 2021). The first and second prize stories this week also had an illustration by Jim. The first was about a sentry that was scared of a “ghost”, and second was about an atheist who successfully rescued a wounded man in no-man’s land where 3 others had failed, but ended up being the only one killed of the 4 moments later by a falling shell.