But it just goes to show how much adventure there is in the simplest places, and how like another world it is the minute you step off the beaten path

From Greg and Jim’s first story in 1932

This site is about Greg Clark and Jim Frise. Its goal is to relive the stories and artwork produced in their peak years between the 1920s and the 1940s.

The primary content will be reproductions of the Greg-Jim stories that were published between 1932 and 1948. These were stories by Greg with a main illustration by Jim.

Other content will include reproductions of Jim’s various comics published:

  • Life’s Little Comedies (1919 to 1925)
  • Birdseye Center (1925 to 1947)
  • Juniper Junction (1947 to 1948)

Other newspaper articles published by Greg will also appear (some illustrated by Jim), as well as art Jim produced for other writers, as well as advertisements and other illustrations he created.

Stories are presented as they were, with only the occasional correction in spelling, or the replacement of words no longer acceptable to modern readers. Occasionally an Editor’s note might be included to explain unfamiliar names, words or customs.

Regarding the dates provided for Juniper Junction, it was published in colour the Montreal Standard and in black and white in the Family Herald. The Family Herald was released on a Wednesday, while the Standard was released on Saturday. The microfilm versions of the Standard are mostly unreadable, so I am using the versions from the Family Herald, so the dates reflect this. The dates they appeared in the Standard would be three days later.