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Juniper Junction – 04/21/48

April 21, 1948

“O Pshaw!”

April 13, 1929

They are trying to sniff out a fugitive in the woods.

Happy Landings

April 4, 1936

Another Queen of the Movies Revisits Her Old Home Town

March 29, 1924

This comic is inspired by Mary Pickford, the biggest and most popular actress of the silent movie era. In the comic, little “Mary Toothpick” dreams of being a big star and returning to her hometown in Birdseye Center. She holds a newspaper with the headline “Mary Pickford Revisits Her Childhood Home”, which really happened. Mary Pickford was born in Toronto and grew up at 211 University Avenue. The actress visited Toronto with her husband, Douglas Fairbanks Sr., in March 1924, returning to her childhood home and posing in front of the house with her mother.

The scanned copy of this was poor, as the top right-hand corner of the comic was badly ripped in the microfilm. The text bubble in that corner is hard to read, but it says “What a tomboy she was – and so homely!”

Juniper Junction – 03/26/47

March 26, 1947

The Winter’s Crop

March 16, 1940

Thumbs Down!

March 9, 1946

An Emergency Case

March 4, 1933

What a Hustler

February 20, 1937

“Ain’t We Got Fun!”

February 18, 1922

The title for this comic comes from the song “Ain’t We Got Fun“, which was first published in 1921, so it would still be a recent and popular song.

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