The Work of Greg Clark and Jimmie Frise

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“Five Minutes to Closing Time”

September 17, 1921

Down and Under!

September 7, 1946

A Tough Break!

September 1, 1934

The Disturber of the Peace

August 24, 1929

Why Not?

August 21, 1920

Another take on the concept of “summer bachelors”, husbands left working in the city on weekdays while the rest of the family is at the cottage all weekend.

The Kernel

August 15, 1942

It’s His Beauty Sleep

August 8, 1936

This is an ice house, where ice from the frozen lake is stored in sawdust to keep it from melting. This was the only way to get ice (usually for iceboxes) in the warmer seasons before the advent of electricity and refrigerators or freezers. They would exist in rural areas well into the 1950s.

A Ferry Tale

July 29, 1939

A “sock dollager” is slang for a something great or large. In this case, it is in reference to the size of the fish.

Icy Cold!

July 23, 1938

The Kernel

July 11, 1942

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