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“Consider the Lily!”

April 20, 1935

The First Installment

April 7, 1934

The Flivvers That Bloom in the Springtime, Tra La.

April 5, 1924

Flivver is slang for an automobile.

The Troopship

March 29, 1919

One for the Home Town!

March 18, 1933

Juniper Junction – 03/10/48

March 10, 1948

Dollar-a-Year Man

March 8, 1941

In the early-to-mid-20th century, “dollar-a-year men” were business and government executives who helped the government mobilize and manage American industry during periods of war. While they received only a dollar in salary from the government, most executives had their salaries paid by their companies. This was to get around laws that required government employees to receive a salary, and not work for free. The joke here is that Eli’s government job only pays $1 a year because that is all it is worth.

Juniper Junction – 02/26/47

February 26, 1947

“Dump Here!”

February 22, 1930

Five Pins

February 10, 1923

Five-pin bowling is a Canadian game invested in 1909 when customers complained that the ten-pin game was too strenuous.

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