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Birdseye Center – 02/05/27

February 5, 1927

20 B’low at Birdseye Center

January 31, 1925

This is the first appearance of Pigskin Peters.

The Pants Burglar is in Town Again!

January 23, 1932

This is a semi-recurring gag that I just don’t get.

The Crime Wave

January 15, 1921

Found – A $2 Bill, Owner Please Call at Post Office

January 7, 1928

$2 in 1928 would be $34.50 in 2023.

The New Chief

January 5, 1935

At the time, new municipal elections were held at the beginning of each year and terms were only for the year. This changed after 1956.

The New Year’s Hunt

December 31, 1921

Ontario was still in the midst of Prohibition when this was published.

An Early Shopper

December 17, 1938

C.O.D. is cash on delivery, requiring the recipient to pay for the postage. So Eli is particularly cheap.

The Station Bus!

December 15, 1945

The image above is from microfilm, while the one below is from a scan of the newsprint.

December 15, 1945

A Close Shave!

December 5, 1942

When sharpening a straight razor, a “leather strop” is used. Here, Mrs. Clipper cuts right through it, implying she should not be trusted.

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