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Victory Bonds 1943

October 23, 1943 (Perth Courier)

Extra Post! It is extremely rare to see Greg or Jim in the wild in 2023, but CBC News posted an article on the demise of the Perth Courier, which included this “‘victory bonds’ cartoon published in the Oct. 23, 1943 issue of the Perth Courier”. I’ve cleaned it up from the raw microfilm capture.

Grape Nuts Ad – 08/29/36

August 29, 1936

This is part of the series of “Ernie Energy” ads created by Jim for Grape Nuts.

British American Motors Ad

June 2, 1928

Grape Nuts Ad – 10/26/35

October 26, 1935

This is part of the series of “Ernie Energy” ads created by Jim for Grape Nuts. Others are here, here, and here.

Toronto Star Ad – 06/28/41

June 18, 1941

The Last Round-up – Toronto Star Ad

October 5, 1935

This ad is in reference to the 1935 Canadian federal election, which was held on October 14. The Liberals won since the Conservatives were unfortunate enough to be in power during the worst of the Great Depression.

1930 Election Posters

These posters were created by Jim for the 1930 Canadian federal election, held on July 28, 1930. William Lyon Mackenzie King lost power to the Conservatives led by R. B. Bennett. This was at the beginning of the Great Depression, so, ironically, it was better for the Liberals not to be in charge during the worst of it.

Lion Brand Hay Fork Rope Ad

July 9, 1947

This advertisement was unusual, as Jim rarely did any work outside of his comic and the Greg-Jim story after 1937, and is the latest example I know of.

British American Oil Ad – 05/25/29

May 25, 1929

Jim created this advertisement for the British American Oil Company, which became Gulf Canada in 1969. In 1985, it’s assets were sold to Petro-Canada and Ultramar. Other advertisements from the series can be seen here, and here.

Grape Nuts Ad – 5/2/36

May 2, 1936

This is another in the series of Grape Nuts ads by Jim featuring “Ernie Energy”.

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