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‘Ome Agine

May 22, 1937

This was the third and last of a series of comics where some of the Birdseye Center townsfolk sailed to the coronation of King George VI on the Noazark.


May 11, 1946

Birdseye Center – 05/07/32

May 7, 1932

The Big Round-Up!

April 25, 1936

Who’s Next?

April 22, 1939

This comic was published before World War 2 began in Europe.

The Old Bridge Stays

April 9, 1927

During the title transition to “Birdseye Center”, there were a few occasions where it was referred to as “Birdseye Corners”.

Birdseye Center – 04/03/26

April 3, 1926

The comic was still transitioning away from “Life’s Little Comedies” at this time, so there was no title. This would be during the last of Prohibition in Ontario, so the men waiting for the doctor’s “April quota of scrips” were waiting for his ability to issue new “prescriptions” for alcohol.

Friday was Fish Day

March 29, 1930

The joke here is that a lot of fish were washed up in a flood and had to be buried. Why they would do it at the crossroads makes no sense. Friday was also considered “fish day” for Catholics, who were instructed fast on Fridays, and since fish were cold-blooded, they were not considered “meat”.


March 22, 1941

I don’t quite get the joke, but I gather that Wes was hoping that he would make a lot more charging the hermit for a haircut rather than selling him just a plug of chewing tobacco.

Thumbs Down!

March 7, 1936

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