The Work of Greg Clark and Jimmie Frise

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Archie Has At Last Discovered a Use for Radio

July 7, 1928

Page Mr. Ripley

July 2, 1932

Mr. Ripley would refer to Ripley’s Believe it or Not.

The Annual Firemen’s Excursion to Niagara Falls Comes to a Full Stop Three Miles Up the Line

June 27, 1925

She’ll Never be the Same

June 5, 1943

The Big Parade

May 31, 1930

The 1929 Tax Rate is Announced

April 27, 1929

The mill rate refers to the property tax rate. 1 mill is the same as a 10th of a percent. So the joke is the town is up in arms over a very small (0.00625%) tax increase.

These are Busy Days for the Chief

April 25, 1931

“Consider the Lily!”

April 20, 1935

The First Installment

April 7, 1934

One for the Home Town!

March 18, 1933

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