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Hands Off

November 25, 1944

A Floor Walker, or Store detective, was much more common in the past. They would walk around the store (usually big department stores) on the lookout for shoplifters.

Now We Know Why Old Archie Shuts “Foghorn” in the Hen-house Every Night

November 17, 1928


October 30, 1943

“Pigskin” Peters was in the Army during World War Two, and you had to recognize that packages could take a while to reach their recipient. The post office would suggest deadlines if you hoped for your packages to make it by a certain date. It almost feels like this was also a public service announcement, just to make sure the reader knew the deadline too.

It’s a Barn-yard Call

October 16, 1937

Some Punkin!

October 13, 1945

Whoa – Steady Boy!

September 26, 1936

H.M.S. Noazark

September 23, 1939

The Noazark has been painted with dazzle camouflage, which was used extensively in World War I. Unlike other forms of camouflage, the intention of dazzle is not to conceal but to make it difficult to estimate a target’s range, speed, and heading. It’s effectiveness was unknown. Many people (presumably, Jim included) thought early on in the Second World War that is would be similar to the First. Dazzle was rarely used in the Second World War as radar largely made it useless.

Down and Under!

September 7, 1946

A Tough Break!

September 1, 1934

The Disturber of the Peace

August 24, 1929

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