The Work of Greg Clark and Jimmie Frise

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This is the Life!

July 6, 1946

“Sitting Pretty”

June 25, 1932

3 A.M.

June 19, 1937

Business is Picking Up!

June 15, 1929

Gangway! – !!

June 6, 1931

This comic relies on the old gag of couples eloping, and the father of the bride trying to stop it.

Nobody Home!

June 3, 1933

This is another comic showing how city people can be inconsiderate of their country relatives. The complaint would be that they would show up unannounced expecting a “vacation”.

The “Secret” Session

May 17, 1930

This particular comic shows some of the issues of working with microfilm. One side was poorly opened resulting a very dark shadow that cannot be cleaned.

On observer mentions that television would be better. Though only experimental in 1930, the concept of television was well known as early as the 1920s, and many people knew it was only a matter of time before it became practical and widespread.


May 3, 1941

Off with the Frills!

April 24, 1943

Scrap metal drives continued throughout World War Two for military use.

Another Case of Highway Robbery

April 14, 1928

In the early days of automobiles, it was common for cars to get stuck on muddy roads, and paying as farmer to haul it out with horses was the solution.

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