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Five Pins

February 10, 1923

Five-pin bowling is a Canadian game invested in 1909 when customers complained that the ten-pin game was too strenuous.

20 B’low at Birdseye Center

January 31, 1925

This is the first appearance of Pigskin Peters.

The Crime Wave

January 15, 1921

The New Year’s Hunt

December 31, 1921

Ontario was still in the midst of Prohibition when this was published.

Radio Interference at Birdseye Center

November 29, 1924

A Hallowe’en Tragedy on the Detroit

October 30, 1920

This comic references Prohibition where someone is trying to smuggle a liquor filled pumpkin across the Detroit river between Canada and the United States. Though Ontario had Prohibition at the time, it did not ban the manufacture of alcohol so there was still smuggling from Canada to the USA.

The Smiths Get in a Quarter-ton of Anthracite

September 9, 1922

The Big Coal Strike of 1922 was a general strike of miners in the US and Canada that lasted 163 days.

“Down on the Farm”

August 9, 1919

A Farmerette was a nickname given to women who volunteered their labour to farms during World War One as a part of the Farm Service Corps.

“Where the Speckled Fishes Play”

May 5, 1923

Specials from Birdseye Center

April 26, 1924

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