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The Winner

May 17, 1924

I’ve published some new information regarding stereotypes and racism and how it will be handled on this site, as well as an overall article on stereotypes in 20th century comics.

The Service Station

April 28, 1923

From Our Special Representative at Birdseye Center

April 4, 1925

This is one of the earliest appearances of “Pig-Skin” Peters, and during the transition from “Life’s Little Comedies” to “Birdseye Center”. The next week’s comic would be the first time the title would change.

The Hotel Lobby

February 22, 1919

“Grips” was slang for suitcases.

Down on the Old Mill Pond

January 14, 1922

Saturday Night Shoppers

December 10, 1921

The Ploughing Match, Birdseye Center

November 4, 1924

The Birdseye Center Fall Fair

September 22, 1923

The Big Show

September 5, 1925

It was a regular occurrence for subjects to be about the Canadian National Exhibition as it is held around this time of year.

When the Dinner Bell Rings Up at “Resty-Nook”

August 5, 1922

The Resty-Nook vacation spot shows up in this early example.

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