In this traffic someone has to have atrocious manners – either the police or the motorist.
The average pedestrian neither asks nor expects protection. All he wants is a fair getaway.

This article by Merrill Denison from November 19, 1927, described how terrible Toronto drivers were, but how polite the police were, all in juxtaposition to New York City where he recently returned from. . It also references a 1927 campaign by the “Highway Safety Committee” of Ontario to encourage safe driving.

There is a kind of free abandon about local driving that reminds one of a herd of buffalo roaming the plains

An advertisement (in French) of the safety campaign from the October 12, 1927 edition of Le Droit (an Ottawa newspaper) is below. It says “Will he get over the top?”, and indicates the sign “I’m for Care and Courtesy, Are You?” can be obtained at gas stations.

October 12, 1927 (Le Droit)