Old Archie: Archie Weever started off as an older resident who could be counted on to look after any activity while others were away. He was always wearing a cobbled together coon-skin fur coat (with a skunk pelt on the back) in colder weather or a black vest in warmer weather. He has white whiskers that confuses people if he removes them. He famously had a pet moose named “Fog-Horn”. He also had a dog named Hector. One of the regular gags was that he had a secret fishing spot that others were always trying to locate.

“Pig-Skin” Peters: “Pig-Skin” is the local tough guy who can be counted on to do heavy work. He can play the saxophone, and is popular with the ladies. He is regularly seen in a bowler hat, and striped shirt, which would be considered very casual at the time. He can fly an airplane, and enlisted in the air force during World War Two, and was mostly absent from the comic for the duration (1939-1945) except when mentioned by others.

The Chief: The Chief is the Chief of Police (and sometimes seems like the only police officer in Birdseye Center). He has the unfortunate task of trying to enforce the law when many townspeople prefer to live and let live. He often ends up being the butt of the jokes as a result.

Eli and Ruby Doolittle: These two characters have to go together. Eli Doolittle was the laziest man in town, and Ruby was his long suffering wife. Ruby would often be shown doing all of the work, while Eli would laze around. If he ever did any work, it was to benefit himself (either by finding Ruby more work, or if he wanted to get rid of Ruby’s meddling Aunt Phoebe when she visited.

Cap: The Cap was the old captain of the ship, the “Noazark”. It ran tourist excursions off of the pier of Birdseye Center, and would also be used for other activities as well. The Cap started off as a bachelor, but would eventually get married, and become hen-pecked as a result as his wife would act “like the captain” and tell him what to do.