Wes Clipper: Wes was the local barber, and his shop would be used for gossip. He also had a series of gags by producing a fast growing hair tonic, or by bringing in younger men who could attract women who wanted more stylish hairdos.


The Reeve: A Reeve is the term used instead of Mayor for smaller municipalities. Birdseye Center started off in 1930 with Reeve Noble. He was replaced with Reeve Sizzle in 1936. She was a more common character as the “first female Reeve” with the joke being that she had authority over the men in town, which would have been unusual at the time.


The Kernel and Adams: The Kernel was a local rich man who employed a chauffeur named Adams. They seemed to be good friends who would gamble with each other, and Adams would win bets in order to get the Kernel to fetch gas or fix flat tires. The Kernel was back in the military during World War Two, and had a female WAC driver named Andrews.


Emmy: Archie’s wife was often featured, but like a number of female characters, Jim could either not settle on her name, or could not remember it from year to year. She was also referred to as Mary, Nellie, and Aggie, but Emmy was the most common.


“Windy” Tootle: Windy was a local tuba player, with the joke often being when things got stuck in it, or when he was employed to manually blow up flat tires.